How To Stop Dimmable LED Flash & Flickering Problems? Why It’s Happening?

Does your Dimmable LED flash and flicker when it’s turned on? Damaged LEDs or in-compatible dimmer switches are the primary reasons that are causing flashing, flickering, and strobing problems. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is damaged. By following our simple-to-follow guide, you can fix it. Keep reading to find out more.

So, without wasting any moment, let’s see how to fix dimmable LED flash and flickering problems.

First, ensure the bulb is dimmable by checking the product label and confirming the term “dimmable”.

Secondly, inspect the dimmer switch, wire connections are properly connected, socket condition, available voltage, etc.

Following these simple LEDs inspections, you can easily identify the potential cause why your dimmable LED flashing.

This guide is for you if your Dimmable LED flash and keeps flickering. In this post, we will learn the potential causes and their respective fixes. Dropdown to understand why Dimmable LED flash, how to fix it, and precautions to avoid future challenges.

Why do dimmable LED flash and flickers? What is the main cause?

Dimmable LEDs are adjustable bulbs that easily increase or decrease their brightness intensity.

These LED lamps connect with a controller or dimmer switch, and users turn or rotate it to adjust the lumen level.

The dimmable LEDs start flashing and strobing if the bulb is incompatible with the dimmer switch. Besides, some otter conditions can also cause flashing, flickering, or strobing issues in your dimmable LED bulbs.

Damaged LED Bulbs

Indeed, having a damaged led bulb could be the major reason why your dimmable LED flashes.

Lights contain a filament that is made of tungsten. When electricity flows, tungsten becomes hot and releases white brightness.

Flashing problems will occur if there is any physical damage to the filament or voltage.

So, inspect your LED bulbs and confirms if the problem is associated with it. Try to install it on another socket or remove and re-inserting the LED.

Incompatible Dimmable Switch

An incompatible dimmable switch is another main reason why your Dimmable LED flashes and flickers.

A dimmable switch or dimmer is a device that controls the brightness of your LED lights. If the switch does not work properly, it will cause trouble.

Dimmer switches come with different lead sizes or voltages. You should buy the controller with the same rate of voltage as your existing LED light bulbs.

Loose or Damaged Wiring

Loose or damaged wires can restrict the power supply in your dimmer switch and further cause LED lamps to flash.

This is the most common problem many owners overlook.

So always ensure the wires are firmly connected to the port and don’t have any physical damage.

The bulb isn’t dimmable.

Is your bulb really dimmable? Remember, not all LEDs support dimmable switches or are adjustable to the brightness.

Many times, people buy dimmable LED lights without confirming.

if your bulb isn’t dimmable, it’s obvious to face flashing lights and strobing problems. You can confirm if your bulb is dimmable or not by reading the product manual or features. 

How do I stop my dimmable LED flash and flickering problem?

Till now, we understand why Dimmable LED is flashing and flickering when you dim them. Now, it’s time to fix it. To fix the dimmable light strobing problem, we will go through a step-by-step process.

In a nutshell, to fix the dimmable LED flash problem, first, ensure the light bulb is compatible with the dimmer switch. If it’s not, you should change the dimmer switch. Second, inspect the wiring fixtures behind the dimmable LEDs. Similarly, check if there is any problem with the voltage or circuit.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

#Fix 1: Change your incompatible dimmer switch

fixing dimmer switch
Set of dimmer switches

As mentioned, a dimmer switch is a controller, sliding or rotating knob for dimmable lights. By using the controllers, users balance the voltage flow in the lumps, so the light can change its brightness intensity.

However, sometimes, our dimmer switch breaks or does not works with the existing light fixture.

As a result, the dimmable LED starts flickering, strobing, or flashing when the dimmer is turned on.

Besides, you can notice a few additional signs if the controller is incompatible with the LED. For example, 

  • LED lights buzz when you dim.
  • Does not adjust the brightness when the knob is turned on.
  • The lights burnout or need early replacement.

Change the dimmer switch if you notice a similar condition with your dimmable light fixture.

Remember, there are different voltage-type dimmer switches available. But the industry says, 

  • Traditional incandescent and halogen light bulbs are compatible with Leading-edge dimmer switches.
  • Other LED light bulbs better go to the Trailing edge dimmer switch.

#Fix 2: The bulb is loose, or the socket is corroded

replace dimmable LED bulbs

The bulb will start flashing if it is loosely connected to the socket. Indeed, the bulb connects to a socket that transmits voltage to the light’s filament. If the connection is poor, the electric supply gets restricted and causes the LED to flicker.

So always ensure the bulb is firmly connected to its socket and does not develop any dust, corrosion, or debris inside them.

On the other hand, damaged or expired bulbs can also cause flashing issues. So if you find the bulb is broken, replace the LED light.

#Fix 3: Know the relationship between lamps and controls

relationship between lamps and controls
Dimmer switch and bulb

It is important to understand the relationship between lamps and controls. Dimmable LED lights balance their lumen level by adjusting the dimmer switch. When we rotate the controller, the voltage waveform changes and transmits to the lump according to your adjustment.

Not every controller or switch is compatible with the lights. Besides, the lighting fixture or circuit board types are also vital in the process.

So always ensure the dimmer switch and bulb work with the same electric outlet. You can follow the above recommendations, like Leading-edge dimmers and trailing-edge dimmer switches. You should also check out the lamp’s specification and dimmer compatibility sheet. 

#Fix 4: Buy only dimmable LED lamps

Dimmable LED bulb
Dimmable LED bulb

Dimmable LED lamps take voltage to adjust the brightness. Now dimmer switches are used to modify the electric flow in your lamp. If there is any restriction available between them, the LED starts flashing. 

So If you confirm the LED is not dimmable or compatible with your dimmer switch, you must replace it. So go to any hardware store and buy dimmable LED lamps. Here are the most popular:

Now there are a few conditions you should ensure before selecting the dimmable LED lights:

  • Buy dimmable LEDs only from well-reputed brands.
  • First, ensure the product label shows the term “dimmable.”
  • If you have a specific type of dimmer switch, buy the LED lump accordingly.
  • Try to buy the same brands of dimmable lights and dimmer switch.
  • Not all smart bulbs work with a dimmer switch; you may need to use an app to dim the light.

#Fix 5: Use PWM LED power supplies

PMW dimmer switch

PWM refers to Pulse Width Modulation, which is a process of flickering. However, this flicker isn’t visible to the naked eye. It’s because the power supply is done accurately to turn on and turn off the light without damaging or causing flashing LEDs.

In this case, you should use PWM LED Power Supplies or a driver specifically designed to transmit a PWM-style output.

In simple terms, the device uses phase-cut dimming to maintain the color and temperature of your dimming light. Lastly, this PWM driver is compatible with most dimmer switches. 

How do I stop my dimmable LED lights from flickering?

Till now, you have a good idea about how you should stop dimmable LED light flashing. Still, below are some quick suggestions to resolve the issue.

  • Whenever the LED start flashing, inspect its wiring and power outlet
  • Ensure there is no voltage issue in your home electric system
  • Pull out the bulb and inspect manually for physical damage
  • Inspect the socket area if there is dirt build-up
  • Bring the product label and ensure that the light is dimmable
  • Inspect the dimmer switch and its specification
  • Try the PWM driver to resolve the flashing problem in your dimmable LED
  • Always buy compatible dimmers switch and lights


So that’s the detailed guide about what Dimmable LED flash means, what causes it, and how to fix it.

So remember, flashing in your dimmable light doesn’t mean it’s broken or needs replacement. Some minor issues like loose wiring, poor connection to the socket, and irregular voltage can cause the problem.

If these are not the case with your light fixture, inspect the steps like, dimming capability, controller, and others.

To fix the problem, start with the electric connection and wiring. Similarly, follow our step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

If your LED is dimmable and connected to a right dimmer switch, the flashing problem doesn’t occur.

So always buy your lights from reputed brands and read their specification before selecting them.

We hope you get detailed answers to your query.

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