Home Decor Write For Us: Submit Your Home Imporovement Guest Post

Are you searching “home decor write for us” or “home improvement write for us” on google to find the best home decor blog that can accept your guest blogging? If so, we are one of those home decor blogs.

Welcome to Gilly’s Dream, a home decor and improvement niche blog. We seek passionate writers who want to share their knowledge with millions of readers. This is an excellent opportunity for home decor guest bloggers who want to contribute to our home decor and improvement section.

Gillysdream.com is a reputed niche blog about home decor and improvement. Here we published information post and reviews content to educate our visitors.

We talk about home decoration, home improvement, home lighting, and product guides for everyday home challenges. Currently, we are planning to expand our category in this niche and thus, we need writers who are passionate as well as experienced in the home decoration niche.

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If this is what you were looking for, a “home decor write for us” opportunity, submit your content to get reviewed. We will highly appreciate the time that you’ll put into contributing a home improvement write for us guest post.

Below, we are going to talk about the home improvement write for us submission guidelines that you need to follow. Remember, be professional while requesting us to review your content. We will check your article and revert back within 24-48 hours. However, it may take a few extra days as well.

Who can contribute to our home decor write for us section?

We welcome passionate and experienced writers who are interested in sharing their home decor and improvement knowledge. We are accepting both beginner and expert writers in our guest post submissions. As long as our guidelines are followed, you can join our team.

We only collects high-quality and informative home decor and improvement articles. Your written content should be unique and should not be copied from somewhere else. Our readers visit to our blog from well-developed countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, and others.

So your article should have a similar conversational tone and be easy for our readers to understand.

Well-researched and quality content is highly demanded in our guest post submission. Remember, we are not allowing content or links from our competitors. Except that, everyone is welcome to our journey of educating people in home decor. 

Why you should be a part of our home decor write for us section? 

Guest posting on home decor and home improvement helps you to promote your content, boost your site performance, and help to build a strong network for your business.

Below are the benefits which you can expect by contributing a blog post:

Get backlink

We allowed writers to share their author bios and website links at the end of their articles. After the content is reviewed by our editors, it will be published on our website. That’s how our guest writers get backlinks from our site.

Our website is authoritative in the home decor and improvement niche. Additionally, we manage the large number of readers who visit our blogs each month.

By getting the backlink, you can engage with our readers, and your website gets exposure from more people worldwide.

Boost ranking

Guest posting is an effective way to get backlinks and boost site performance. By getting the reference from our site, you can easily get a ranking boost. As soon as your article is published on our site, people visit your blog through the link. Due to which, your site gets a boost in traffic, improving bounce rate, retention time, and overall performance.

As time passes, your website ranks better in SERP results in your niche.

Increase sales

By increasing traffic to your site, you can boost sales. More traffic means more conversion in your services. Our site also gets target audiences who precisely follow home decor and improvement blogs.

You can connect these passionate people to your site if you have a related service or website.

Originally these facilities boost your service performance in the future.

Build networks

We work together to educate a large number of readers worldwide. By providing high-quality home decor articles, you can also join our team.

Here you can meet passionate people like you. So you can learn more about your industry, writing and successful blogging career. Our site also connects various clients and web admins who work with us.

If your article has the potential to catch their attention, they will start connecting you for more work. That’s how you can build a strong network in your working field. 

Home Improvement Write For Us Topic Ideas

So far, I told you the benefits of writing a guest post on home decor. Now, we are going to suggest you a few sub-niche ideas that could help you generate more topics.

Please note that gillysdream.com is a home decor and home improvement blog. Hence, the topic should fall into our categories. For example, topics like, why your dimmable LED flashing, why isn’t my LED remote working, how to replace a ceiling light, how to keep LEDs from falling off, etc. is a sub-niche of our home improvement category.

Similarly, topics like, how to decorate a living room, best sofa colors for white wall, how to decorate living room with lights, etc. are home decor topic ideas.

Being a home improvement guest blogger, you are free to choose your topic. However, we want you to hold the expertise in that topic.

  1. Home Products and items
  2. Bedroom Design Ideas
  3. Basic to advance Home Improvement Ideas
  4. Budget-friendly decoration
  5. Indoor and Outdoor Decoration
  6. Lighting ideas
  7. Gardening tips
  8. Commercial Design Ideas
  9. Residential design ideas
  10. Architecture topic
  11. Home Exteriors and interiors
  12. Home Security
  13. Furniture and Gardening tips
  14. Kitchen Layout Ideas
  15. Best DIY projects
  16. Room electrics
  17. Power saving ideas
  18. Cost-effective Home products
  19. Flooring
  20. Roofing
  21. Marvel
  22. Real Estate
  23. Plumbing

You can also search topics by these keywords

  • Best Home Decor Ideas to try
  • Home Product Reviews and Comparison
  • How-to or Tips & Tricks for best decorations
  • Best Home Interior 
  • Best Home Exterior Design

Content guidelines for home improvement topics

Before starting our guest writing articles, follow our content guidelines below:

  • Keep your article at least 800-1000 words long
  • Your written articles should follow our niche home decor and improvement. Non-related articles will be disqualified
  • You accept content that meets our reader’s demands, so avoid writing promotional content
  • High-quality, informative and original content is only accepted
  • Avoid making plagiarism, grammar and spelling mistakes in the content
  • Spun, AI and rewritten articles are strictly prohibited
  • Add at least one or two images to your content without breaking the copyright
  • You should also add one or two no follow or do-follow links
  • Give credit to your references
  • Make short and attractive paragraphs
  • Add one meta description and a few related keywords for SEO
  • Make your H2, H3 or H4 headings attractive
  • Always write a point introduction and an attractive conclusion in short
  • We allowed writers to mention their author’s bio and website link at the end of their article

Sumission guidelines

Now check out our guest post submission guidelines:

  • We accept content in every document format, including Google document, word doc, PowerPoint presentations, and others
  • Please do not make your document link private; we should be allowed to copy or make changes to your article
  • Share your guest post at the given email address

How to submit the guest post?

Share your content at: [email protected]


So that’s all for our “Home decor write for us” guest post submission. We hope you patiently read our guidelines and requirements.

Remember, every writer, except our competitors, is invented to contribute to our blog. We are highly grateful for your time and showing interest in our mission.

Please give us time to verify your submission and patiently await our approval.