How to Keep LED Light Strips From Falling Off? [6 Effective Ways]

LED light strips are versatile and decorative DIY installations for LED aesthetic rooms. A straight line of LEDs can easily brighten your place and give a calm, warm feeling. However, it’s not necessarily the same every time. Poor installation and other factors can cause LEDs to fall off. A poor or damaged dimmable LED flash and keep flickering.

So, this post is all about how to keep LED light strips from falling off. Why do LED strips fall? How can you properly stick LED strips to the wall/ceiling? We will be every question related to LED strips that might be coming to your mind, right now!

There are several ways to prevent LED light strips from constantly falling off. Applying adhesive and foam baking tapes is the easiest solution you can try as liquid glue quickly dries on the surface and firmly attaches to the ceiling. Additionally, you can use tape to install the lights on your ceiling.

Why do my LED strip lights keep falling off?

why LED Light Strips keep falling

LED light strips keep falling off mainly due to water damage, climate change, dust, and other factors. Additionally, poor-quality adhesive or tape causes the LED strips to fall. It can even be possible that the LED strips have not been installed properly. However, there could be a lot of reasons why your LED strips light keep falling off the wall which have been discussed below:

Dust particles on the surface

LED back tapes include an adhesive that gets easily attached to gyp rocks, tiles, glasses, steel, ceramic, plastic, and other flat surfaces. However, adhesives only work when the surface is clean and smooth. Dust and other small particles can restrict LED strips to stick with the surface.

Additionally, an uneven or rough surface also weakens the attachment of the back tapes. So, you should try cleaning the surface where you’ve installed the LED strips.

Water damage on the surface

LED strips light double-sided adhesive is not friendly with moist surfaces. This glue can quickly lose its stickiness when it comes in contact with wet or liquid. So, if the surface is close to the watery content or plumbing system, avoid installing the LEDs.

Poor quality adhesive

Maybe the lights are good, but the adhesive is poor. It is common with old products that have been used for 6 months or years. 3m double-sided tape may lose its adhesive properties and may not attach to the wall even if we force it.

Changes in Room temperature

Changing room temperature also affects the stickiness of the adhesive. The problem is obvious if the LEDs are installed in a narrow, isolated, or behind the TV (for example). In these locations, warm air rises due to brightness and is stuck in the narrow space, causing the back tapes to fall off.

Wire problem

Your LED might have been attached with decent-quality adhesive. However, these LEDs include a wire at the end of the strip.

If the cord is longer, it becomes heavier for the strip. As a result, the weight starts to pull off the lights from its attachment.

how to keep led light strips from falling off?

How to keep LED light strips from falling off

There are several ways you can prevent LED strip lights from falling off. The first solution is to use strong adhesive or foam tape. This is the quickest and most effective solution to keep the strips attached for a long time. Additionally, you can use clips, corner connectors, and others things that have been discussed below.

Tip #1: Use 3M heavy duty back tape

3M heavy duty back tape

Most of the LED strips come with the normal back tape. Back tape attaches LED strips on the wall and other upper surfaces. However, the glue capabilities may crumble or fall off when attached to strips on a mounting position or facing downwards. Hence, you must use heavy-duty double-sided back tape to prevent LED strips from falling off.

You can use 3M heavy-duty double-sided back tape to stick LED strips to the wall. These effective glue solutions attach lights to the ceiling, wall, and other flat surfaces. The glue can last even at the maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip #2: Use foam back tape

Using foam back tape to prevent LED light strips falling off

Many of these strips come with IP65 and IP67 waterproofing capabilities. The tape’s glue carries heavier weight than the regular double side adhesive. As a result, they weigh a little higher than regular non-waterproof strips. In this situation, using foam tape is the best option for you.

Foam tapes are highly sticky and a great option for splash-proof LED strips. These are pressure-sensitive suited for DIY projects like insulating, sound dampening, sealing, etc.

Tip #3: Use fixing clips

installing fixing clips to avoid LED strips light from falling off

This is another great option for owners who don’t want adhesive to damage their wall paints. Mounting clips or brackets is the easiest and most effective way to install strip lights on the ceiling and other surfaces.

They keep the lights attached for years with minimum maintenance. However, to install fixing clips to prevent falling LED strips, the surface should be screwable.

Buy some mounting clips, make holes in the surface, place the light strips, and screw them firmly.

Tip #4: Use hot glue

Want to stick LED strip lights on the wall without damaging paint? Use hot glue. These adhesive does not contain strong chemical compounds that affect your wall quality. Lastly, they are safe and much more sticky than other glues. 

One thing you should ensure, the glue not to be too hot while installing. Otherwise, the glue can damage the light’s back. 

Tip #5: Use aluminum extrusion

using aluminum extrusion on led

If you want to spend a few additional bucks to keep LED strips from falling off, buy aluminum extrusion. These components hold your lights effectively anywhere in the room.

The aluminum extrusion also comes with a transparent cover that ensures the temperature and protects your lights from falling off. They are easy to install using screws or mounting clips.

Tip #6: Corner connector

using corner connectors to fix led strip lights from falling off

Strips of the LED mostly start falling off from their corners. They tend to force down when someone tries to bend the edge at a 90-degree angle.

In this case, the stickiness of the adhesive starts loosening and forces the lights to fall off. That’s why using strip connectors is the best solution for this.

Connectors are designed to curve the strips without losing their stickiness. 

Precautions to Stop LED light strips from falling off

You already understand how to keep LED light strips from falling off using tools and adhesives. Now it’s time to take precautions while installing these LEDs for decoration. Remember, you should ensure the attachment is right and lasts for a long time with less maintenance.

Below are the precautions which you should follow when attaching strips of the LED.

Clean your surface

The first step is to clean the surface where you are willing to install the light ribbon. Remove dust, dirt, and other small particles that can affect the adhesive quality. Too much dust can loosen the glue stickiness and cause lights to fall off. 

So start by cleaning the surface using a wet cloth or rubbing alcohol. After completing the cleaning, take a paper towel to dry the space.

Position in the right place

Now it’s time to position the LED light strips in the right place. In short, you have to choose the surface before installing. Indeed, 3m double-sided tape glue is sensitive to air and temperature. Repeated use of strip adhesive can damage its quality and cause poor attachment in a short period. So it’s better to confirm the location before installing LED ribbons.

Press down

After selecting the location, start installing the LED lines. Remove the double side tape and place it on the surface. Apply gentle pressure to ensure the glue is correctly attached to the lines. The process will expand the glue properly on the surface and the light’s ribbon. So they are strongly stuck in space and not easily fall off over years. 

Give time to dry

Always give time to stick the adhesive properly on the surface. You can use a hair dryer to push them to ensure the attachment. The process will help to stick the glue effectively on the surface. You can also try to push and hold the ribbon on the surface for a few seconds. 


So above is a detailed guide about how to keep LED light strips from falling off. We hope you get all the required answers related to the topic. So remember, using the correct adhesive is essential to keep the LED lines stuck on the surface for years.

Poor installation, wrong glue, bending, water, temperature, etc, mainly force the strips down from their surface. So you should ensure the attachment is in the right location and firmly attached to the wall, ceiling, or other areas. 

LED light strips are easy to install using mounting clips, connectors, aluminum extrusion, etc. So keep following our tips and troubleshoot the problem in minutes. 

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