Why Isn’t My LED Light Remote Working? How Do I Fix It?

You might have been in a situation when you got frustrated with your LED remote. You might have asked this question, “Why isn’t my LED light remote working?”. Is that so? If yes, this post is all about how to fix the LED light remote that won’t turn on.

Nowadays, LED light strips are a widely used lighting system for most homes. These smart LED lights come with a remote. Using this remote you can easily adjust your LED’s light color, dimness, and hueness. These LED light remote uses infrared sensor to adjust light colors.

No doubt, LED light is one of the best things that brings a calm and aesthetic look to your room. However, they are not always operational. The remote that comes with these LED lights gets damaged and stops working. A damaged LED light remote can create serious problems, like, your dimmable LED flashes, buzzes, won’t change color, and won’t respond.

Why isn't my LED remote working?
LED remote not working

There are many reasons why isn’t your LED light remote working. The most common is a dead battery inside the remote. The remote may have any physical damage or technical glitch that restricts the pairing. However, fixing LED remote lights that won’t turn on isn’t rocket science.

If you are also in a similar situation where your LED light remote not working, keep reading this post. With proper troubleshooting and a few tips, you can easily fix your LED light remote. This guide explains all possible issues that cause LED light remotes not to work.

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Why isn’t my LED light remote working?

There are many reasons why is your led light remote not working. For example, a dead or low battery, physical damage, trouble in pairing, a faulty infrared sensor, or a problem with the circuit board. These are some common reasons why a led light remote stops working.

Below we are going to see how this problem arises and the possible causes.

Dead or low battery

This is a common problem in faulty LED light remotes. When an electronic device starts multi-functioning, the batteries go down faster than normal. As a result, the remote needs battery replacement.

So if your led light remote stops working, immediately inspect the battery condition. One simple hack that works all the time is removing the battery from the LED remote and re-inserting it into the terminals.

Additionally, if re-inserting the batteries into the LED light remote doesn’t work, replace them with the new one.

Physical damage

LED light remotes are made from easily breakable plastics. The internal components are also covered with brittle material that needs care when used.

As a result, if you’ve dropped your remote by mistake, you might need a new remote.

Trouble to pair

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, LED light remotes adjust the lighting system using infrared sensors. It helps to connect the wireless light strips from a specific distance.

This sensor sometimes restricts pairing due to long distances or a physical obstruction between them.

Still, if you’ve cheap-quality light bands and controllers, pairing issues are quite common. Indeed these devices don’t have enough strength to deliver the required signal in your lighting.

Faulty infrared sensor

The fact is, infrared sensors should work from both ends, LED light strips, and the controller. Error in the receiver or the remote’s signal can cause your LED remote to not function properly.

A few fixes are viable in this condition, which we’ve discussed later in this post.

Dirt or error in the circuit board

This is another possible reason why your led light remote is not working. Light controllers contain a circuit board inside the body.

Dust and other unwanted particles can restrict the electric flow. As a result, the buttons won’t press properly. Additionally, error and soldering problems are also common in old light remotes.

How to fix LED light remote that isn’t working?

Fixing LED remote
Fixing LED remote

So far we saw the common reasons behind a faulty LED light controller. Now let’s see how to fix your led light remote if it stops working.

Fix 1: Replace the batteries

When your LED light remote stops working, the first step should be to inspect the batteries.

The average life expectancy of a battery is 3-6 months. Depending on your usage and the quality of LED lights, the lifespan may get shorter.

The best way to ensure battery condition is to detect a light indicator. If your remote shows a red LED sensor, the battery needs replacement.

Most LED light remotes need CR2025 batteries. So bring the power cells from any electric store and follow the process below:

  • Look at the back of the remote.
  • Press down the battery cover to get it out of the body.
  • Open and remove existing batteries.
  • Insert the new pair and check the condition.

By changing the batteries, it should get fixed. But, if it isn’t, check other methods.

Fix 2: Clean up the internal space

Dust and unwanted particles inside the remote can cause functional problems. It mainly restricts the electric flow and prevents pressing the button down properly.

As a result, if the remote stops working your LED won’t change color. You can fix the problem by removing and cleaning the inner space.

First, bring common tools like a screwdriver, a cleaning brush, and isopropyl alcohol, and follow the below steps:

  • Unscrew the remote using a screwdriver.
  • Open the front cover.
  • Secure the button pad and clean it using a brush or rubbing alcohol.
  • Manually inspect the circuit board, sensor, and other components.
  • Remove any dust available in the space.

Fix 3: Check the infrared sensor

An infrared sensor is vital to operate LED light strips. Error in this unit can cause functional problems.

There are a few ways you can inspect and fix the infrared sensor in a light remote. Follow the below steps:

  • Bring your Android phone with a working camera.
  • Open the camera and point it toward the light sensors of the LED light.
  • Press any button on the remote and simultaneously look in the camera.
  • See if a light is visible in your phone’s camera.
  • If you can see a light whenever you presses the button, your infrared sensor is working.
  • If you can’t see any light when your press the remote button, the infrared isn’t working.

In case, the infrared light isn’t working, you’ll have to buy a new LED remote.

Fix 4: Re-pair the remote and LED light

Sometimes, the remote gets automatically unpaired from the LED light strips due to a technical glitch.

In this case, you have to resync the remote with the LED light:

  • Start by unplugging the light strips from the power outlet.
  • Take the remote and remove the batteries.
  • Wait for at least five minutes before plugging in the light fixture.
  • Insert the batteries into your remote.
  • Press the SPEED + and SPEED – buttons.
  • Wait for seconds; the electronics will pair and resync again.

Fix 5: Hard reset the remote

If you notice no buttons working on the remote while pressing, the remote may need a hard reset. It is a common problem with old LED controllers that may develop technical glitches.

But, how to reset the LED remote? Follow the below steps:

  • Look at the backside of the LED remote controller.
  • Notice a reset button or look at the device manual to see reset button.
  • Use a paperclip to press the reset button.
  • Hold the button for 3-5 seconds.
  • Release it when the remote flash the LED.
  • The process takes the device into reset mode.

If you are still facing issues with the controller, follow this step by removing the batteries. 

Fix 6: Confirms the physical damage

You already perform every recommended step discussed above. Still, the light controller doesn’t work in its traditional form; physical damage may be available.

As we mentioned, these remotes are made from easily breakable materials. Careless usage and extreme force on them can hurt the internal components. 

  • Open the remote using a screwdriver
  • Pull off the cover and inspect the internal components
  • Ensure that the microchip or circuit board is broken
  • Insècvt for other dent or physical damage

If you ensure the controller is faulty, go for a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How long do LED strip remote batteries last?

LED strip remotes mostly last 6-12 months, depending on your usage. Still, in some cases, the controller can expire within three months due to its weak durability.

How do you open the LED strip remote?

Depending on the LED strip remote, you should use tools. If the controller includes screws, pull them off using a screwdriver. Additionally, you can also open the front cover using your nail.


This is a detailed guide to your question: Why isn’t my LED light remote working? We hope you get the required answers to your query.

Just remember, several reasons can develop functional problems with light remotes. Dead or low batteries and physical damage are most commonly noticed in these controllers.

All you have to do is follow the steps discussed in this post.

Start by replacing the batteries, inspecting the remote, cleaning internal components, and others. If the remote is not broken or faulty, our recommended steps troubleshoot the issues.

If you’ve done everything from your side and the remote isn’t working, there could even be a problem with the LED light. In such cases, you might have to replace the LED light. However, before you replace the light make sure you’ve checked everything with the remote and has confirmed from the electrician.

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